About Us

At Dexter’s Cleaning & Gardening, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy, efficient and genuine. Our aim is to make your life EASIER, and your home or business more ENJOYABLE

From the young age of 6, Dexter Gordon found excitement in going to work in the early hours of the morning with his father, cleaning everything from old mansions to warehouses. It was during these years he learned invaluable cleaning techniques like making special folds in cleaning cloths, eliminating streaks on tabletops and vacuuming carpets systematically to create a “chevron shape”.

It is this experience and passion for detail that made it inevitable for Dexter to proudly create his own business.

Over the years, Dexter has also received numerous requests for gardening jobs, which led him to begin offering great gardening ideas, maintenance and complete transformations on a budget.

Affordable, flexible and reliable, Dexter’s services allow you to spend less time worrying about your daily chores and more time focusing on what it is you enjoy in life.

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