Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



The quotes given over the phone are based on national average room sizes.

We reserve the right to increase the quotation if bedrooms are larger than 20 square metres, living rooms are larger than 40 square metres, the client’s original requirements are altered or the property conditions are different to those described. All additional costs will be informed before being carried out.


The client is obliged to provide access to the property where the service will be performed. If he/she is not present at the time of the cleaning the client is responsible for providing the keys. Electricity and running water must be accessible within the property where the cleaning will be conducted. Failure to provide these is subject to $50 non-refundable fee.


For all domestic regular and end of lease cleaning and gardening, the payment method is by cash or credit card or EFT upon completion of the service unless otherwise stated or agreed by us. For all corporate cleaning we will provide a tax invoice at the end of each month. The client must agree to settle outstanding amount within due date of invoice. If payment is not received within this time period, a late payment fee of $15.00 will be incurred. Interest of 10% will apply to any invoices that are outstanding for over 4 weeks. If the client fails to meet invoice terms and conditions, any issues that cannot be resolved amicably will be subject to a VCAT judgement, which will attract a further $150.00 from the client.


We reserve the right to refuse any job if the condition of the property is dangerous for the health and well being of our staff.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any booked appointment if unexpected circumstances occur.


If the client is dissatisfied for any reason with the service provided, they must inform Dexter’s Cleaning & Gardening Pty Ltd within 24 hours of completion of the service. We will endeavor to solve the problem quickly and efficiently by the re-supply the service without charge or a partial or full refund as deemed appropriate by Dexter’s Cleaning & Gardening Pty Ltd. The company is not responsible for any existing damage to the clients’ property that cannot be cleaned or repaired by our technicians using the standard cleaning methods.